How Do You Know If Your Piano Teacher Is Suitable For You?

How do you know if your piano teacher is suitable for you? Should you look at his or her certifications? Should you look at compatibility? Should you look at your teacher’s piano playing prowess? Or what exactly should you look at to determine and know if your piano teacher is suitable for you?

First and foremost, your teacher should be minimally accredited with ABRSM piano grade 8 certifications. Please note this does not mean that your tutor is good. It is just the bare minimum standard you should look for when it comes to finding yourself a music teacher. You should not look for a teacher who is e.g. in Grade 4 when you are Grade 1. Sure, you may save some costs because he or she will probably charge cheaper. But it is far more likely that a teacher who is less than grade 8 certified will give up on piano tutoring as a career. You also do not want a teacher who is still learning. You want a teacher who has truly been there and done it. But do note, with that said, this is just the minimum standard. There are many other criteria as we will discuss below that you need to take into consideration to know if your music teacher is suitable for you.

Second of all, one of the most important things is the teacher’s ability to teach. This is not specific to music or piano. This is whether the tutor you engage is able to impart knowledge effectively and quickly to his or her students. You want a music teacher who is able to impart knowledge to you. Some pianists are great pianists, but terrible teachers. Some pianists are good pianists, and are great tutors. They are able to explain complicated theory and practical concepts easily and effectively to their students, and for them to absorb the information quickly too.

Thirdly, does your tutor live relatively near you? If you have a tutor who lives in Changi and has to travel to Joo Koon to teach you, chances are, it is going to result in issues in future. The reason for this is because he or she will likely take the public transport and that will take around 1 to 2 hours. If there is a last minute reason you need to reschedule a particular piano lesson, then he or she may have already left his or her house. If this happens more than once, there may be resentment. This is the same for students who travel to their teacher’s private studio for lessons. You do not want this to happen. Therefore, I recommend you go through an music teacher agency in Singapore and ask for a teacher who stays near your place.

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