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How To Find And Buy The Right Piano In Singapore

Purchasing a piano is a big and important decision that you will have to make. However, how do you ensure that you get the right piano? It may not be necessary nor ideal to get a grand piano right from the start. However, there are also other things you want to note when purchasing a piano in Singapore. Read on for more tips. (If you are looking to find piano lessons in Singapore instead, then visit this site here – SG learn piano, they will help match you up with a great teacher in Singapore.)

It is ideal to buy a piano which is appropriate for the student at his or her learning level.

If a student is a beginner – a lower model of a good make will be more than sufficient. You want to make sure that the keys are not too stiff so that the fingers can still maintain the right arch when playing the piano. If the student is not used to playing the piano as he or she is still a beginner, buying a piano with heavy keys right off the bat may compromise the student’s finger shape. Do note that an electronic keyboard is not recommended. It is way too light and not suitable. It is like trying to learn driving but using a Go-Kart instead of an actual car. That will not work. On the other hand, you do not want to jump straight to a sports car when you are only learning.

If the student is around grades 4 to 5 – getting a higher tiered piano model is more ideal. This is because a lower tier piano model may have less tonal sensitivity. In addition, most students who take up till ABRSM grades 4 or 5 usually go all the way to grade 8. It is better to prepare and get a more advanced piano in advance for the future.

If a student is at the higher grades or even at the Diploma level – there is no need to choose. Pick the top of the line upright pianos or a grand piano. You can get it 2nd hand as well. Grand pianos also tend to have heavier keys which will help the student to develop finger strength and finesse. Of course, if you live in a condominium or HDB in Singapore, a grand piano may be more difficult. In such a case, you want to opt for the highest grade upright piano.

What brands are recommended?

(Please note we do not have any affiliations whatsoever to any piano brands. All recommendations are opinions of our own and not reflective of anyone else’s.)

Many Singaporean students and parents get either a Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway & Sons and Cristofori. All of the above named are relatively popular choices in Singapore – Yamaha and Cristori in particular.

Also, you want to look at what falls into your budget. At the end of the day, pianos do not cost a few dollars, but instead costs a few thousand dollars at least even for a 2nd hand piano. Therefore, you want to buy one that fits into your own budget.

How To Make Sure You Find A Good Piano Teacher In Singapore

Finding a good piano teacher in Singapore is step 1 to helping you master playing the piano as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you to do that!

First of all, you should engage a teacher who is grade 8 proficiency or higher for both theory and practical. This is especially important if your goal is to get to at least piano ABRSM grade 8 proficiency. This is because if your teacher is grade 5, technically, he or she can teach you. However, what happens when you reach grade 5? You will quickly need to look for a higher qualified teacher. Therefore, if your goal is for leisure playing, then it does not matter. However, if it is for reaching at least grade 8 in ABRSM piano proficiency, then you need to look for such a teacher. You can look for SG Learn Piano agency to help you find a grade 8 or Diploma and higher certified music teacher in Singapore.

Second of all, you should ideally find a teacher who stays near you. The reason for this is so that any lesson reschedules can be done easily. It can also be done conveniently for both the student and the teacher. If the teacher stayed in Punggol but the student stayed in Jurong West, in case of emergency reschedules, the teacher may already be on the way. That is inconvenient and unethical to the teacher. Over time, resentment may build and loss of trust as well. You do not want a teacher-student relationship with no trust. Therefore, find a teacher who stays near you. This is also more convenient for you, because you can ask for last minute extra piano lessons as well. The teacher can easily and quickly travel to you. Usually, all these are very easy to arrange. It is easy to find a piano teacher in Singapore who stays near you if you go through an agency such as SG Learn Piano agency.

Third of all, while you may not necessarily know which teacher is good for sure, you will definitely know who is an exceptionally bad teacher. This can be easily found by Googling for the teacher’s details and making sure there is no bad reviews on forums or social media about that particular piano teacher.