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How Much Do Private Piano Teachers Charge In Singapore?

Are you looking for a home piano teacher in Singapore for your child? Not sure how much it all costs? Let us break down the costs so you can see it yourself!

First of all, piano teachers charge by the month for 4 lessons per month. These piano lessons are 45 minutes in length from ABRSM grades 1 up to 4. From ABRSM grade 5 onwards, lessons will be 1 hour in length. Sometimes a piano teacher may ask you to take more lessons closer to the exams – these will be pro-rated and to be decided between you and the teacher.

Monthly piano lesson fees (or in other words, the salaries you pay to the piano teacher) start at around $140 from ABRSM piano grade 1 up till around $300 for grade 8. The fee increase is gradual over the grades, and over the years. Do note that as grade 5 is 15 minutes more per lesson, there may be a small leap in fee increase from grade 4 to grade 5.

Fees for the piano teacher do not include out of pocket expenses such as buying you theory and practical practice booklets and the official ABRSM examination pieces and scales. All these books will be purchased for you by the teacher, but they will then collect back the fees from you. Please take note of these fees.

Private piano teachers who travel to their students’ houses typically do not charge for transportation. However, they try to minimize their own transportation fee and time required by usually only taking on students who live near them.

Finally, going for the practical and theory ABRSM graded examinations require paying money, and these fees are usually paid for by the teacher, with receipt to prove and they will collect back the fees from you. So while this is technically not something that private piano teachers charge you, these are still fees you may want to note.

There are lots of fees when it comes to learning the piano, therefore, you want to make sure that your teacher is a good one. Here is an article on finding out if your teacher is suitable for you. Make sure to read it as well!